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I specialize in strategy, content, and consulting in the functional medicine space.

The field is growing, and competition is stronger than ever. I know you have an important message to get across. Let me help you stand out from the crowd, reach the patients you want, and grow your practice thoughtfully and sustainably.

What can you do with content strategy?

With effective content strategy, you can build your brand and your digital presence, positioning yourself as an expert online. You can draw the right people in, and stand out from the competition. You can educate your audience on the topics that matter most to you and to them. And most importantly, you can spend more time doing what you do best.


Why me? 

My experience in the functional medicine space includes everything from content strategy and copywriting to clinic management, patient coordination, sales, and marketing. I've worked with dozens of experts, but I've also worked with countless patients, clients, and customers. I understand you, your field, and your audience. 

Signature Strategy Package

-Initial 1:1 consultation
-Website & communications audit
-Detailed suggestions
-One-year content strategy plan 
-Six month social media strategy 
-Five customized social media templates 
-Development of communications & brand voice guides
-Two SEO-optimized blog posts 
-Up to five 30-minute consulting calls 

Investment: $2200

All Services

Ghostwriting, Copywriting, Content Strategy & Creation, Brand Identity, Consulting.

A la carte services

- Ghostwriting

- Copywriting

- Content Strategy & Plan

- Communications Audit

- SEO Optimization

- Brand Identity 

- Website Audit

- Lead Magnet Creation

- Email Automation

- Course Creation

- 1:1 Consulting

- Hiring & Training

- Office Manual Creation

- Patient Experience Audit

*Contact me for pricing

Contact me

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